As you can see in projects section, almost all my contributions to videogames” world have been made by pleasure, being motivated by adquiring knowledge and offering them for free to everyone who want to download them.

Nevertheless, I am receptive to any kind of donations by the users. If you have enjoyed any of my projects and would like to contribute in an economic way to the server payment and other expenses you can use Paypal link below or ask me for my address if you want to contribute in other way (videogames, retro material…).

Every donation will be appreciated.

Until now 14 people have given me a hand:

  • Ciro Maietta
  • David Hassen
  • Estopero
  • Fmayosi
  • Fosfy45
  • K-Navis
  • Miq01
  • Nandove
  • Raydenito
  • Reaper79
  • rx_shorty
  • Ryan Kuba
  • Shiffy
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